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I was just looking at the

I was just looking at the Wish List : Einstein@home needs more publicity thread and I found this work unit. It sure looks like the standard "graphics bug" error - but, it is on an "Albert" unit.

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RE: RE: I posted this in

Message 13165 in response to message 13162

I posted this in the problems/bug reports, but no response yet (everyone's posting about Albert)...
I haven't been getting any work either. I noticed the E@H LHO and LLO work generators haven't been running for the past few days (checking the server status page). What happened??

Since I was running the beta I thought I should post here too. My box finally ran out of work completely. Should I opt out of the beta to get some Albert WUs? The scheduler log entry for my last contact with the server (see Host # 23609 edit - time stamp is 14:50:19.6268) mentions that 'Didn't find anonymous app', but it mentions the anonymous platform in the 3rd line of the log entry. Why not send the Albert app to a box that isn't crunching anything?

The anonymous platform tells the scheduler to not send the applications. You need to remove the app_info.xml file you installed with the beta app, either delete it or rename it, then restart BOINC.

A major side-effect of running anonymous apps is that the scheduler has no idea which app you're running, nor does it know the version. For Einstein@Home thats a problem, since the older "einstein" application works with one data format, and the new "albert" application works with a different one. Workunits aren't interchangable between the two apps.

The solution for that is to only send "old" style workunits to hosts running anonymous apps. And from the "no work generated" message in the scheduler log, they aren't generating old style workunits either.

I added some code to the scheduler, so that if a host machine reports itself as 'anonymous' then the user gets a high-priority message asking them to remove (or rename) app_info.xml in order to get more work for Einstein@Home. I didn't want to add this code to the scheduler until most of the 'einstein' workunits were finished. There are now only a thousand or so which are unfinished, so I started sending the message some hours ago.


Director, Einstein@Home

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