Pulsating Science - A 3D Binary Pulsar Simulation

Screenshot: Pulsating ScienceExplore the Doppler effect in a binary pulsar system by downloading "Pulsating Science", an interactive 3D visualisation software. Generate, view, and modify binary pulsar systems and their radio pulsations. The picture on the right shows a screenshot from this interactive simulation.

Follow the links below to get started and download an executable for your system (3D graphics drivers required):

If you experience problems running the executables above and/or have the 🔗 Qt runtime libraries (version 4.7 or later, MinGW edition when using Windows) already installed on your system, please follow the links below to download an executable for your system:

The source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 3) and is available via 🔗 git using the following clone URL: