We like to thank the following people and institutions for their contributions to Einstein@Home:

Personal contributions:

Name Contributions
Bruce Allen Project founder/leader
David Anderson BOINC development, debugging
Carsten Aulbert Server maintenance, data preparation
Christian Beer Project maintenance and development (backoffice daemons and tasks), BOINC development
Banafsheh Beheshtipour Clustering with deep learning on Einstein@Home results
Oliver Behnke Binary pulsar search (workunit generator, science code, cross-platform build system), GPU programming, graphics/screensaver framework, web code, database management, project infrastructure
Matt Blumberg Web design / drupal project management
Alexandra Botnariuc Radio pulsar searches (post-processing)
Jens Breitbart GPU programming
Christophe Choquet GPU acceleration for gravitational wave and gamma-ray pulsar search codes
Colin J. Clark Radio and gamma-ray pulsar searches (science code, survey design, data preparation and post-processing)
Teviet Creighton Validator
Andrés Cuéllar Gamma-ray pulsar searches (post-processing)
Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein GPU Programming, code performance analysis and optimization, forum moderation
Henning Fehrmann Server maintenance, radio pulsar searches (science code)
Akos Fekete Low-level code optimization
Charlie Fenton BOINC OS X development
Joachim Fritzsch Android development
Steffen Grunewald Validator, download mirroring
Lucas Guillemot Gamma-ray pulsar searches (science code, survey design)
David Hammer Server installation and administration, screensaver, website, debugging, data preparation
Mike Hewson Forum moderation
Yousuke Itoh Science code, post-processing and analysis
David Kaplan Radio pulsar searches (survey design)
Gaurav Khanna Code optimization/vectorization (especially on PPC)
Hyunjoo Kim Radio pulsar post-processing
Benjamin Knispel Binary pulsar search (search design, science code, data preparation, post-processing and analysis), outreach, public relations
Badri Krishnan Einstein@Home S4/S5 search design
Shawn Kwang Server administration and Drupal development
Mike Landry APS web pages
Paola Leaci S5 Einstein@Home all-sky search post processing and paper
Bernd Machenschalk Science code, application development, optimization and vectorization on all platforms, mixed scheduler, validators, BOINC development, forum moderation
Kathryn Marks Forum moderation
John McLeod Forum moderation
Greg Mendell APS web pages
Jing Ming Directed searches set-up, timing, post processing
Eric Myers Screensaver, website
Lars Nieder Gamma-ray pulsar searches (science code, survey design, data preparation and post-processing)
Tristan Olive Drupal development
Ben Owen Message boards, Einstein@Home S4/S5 search design
Prajwal V. Padmanabh Radio pulsar searches (survey design, data preparation, post-processing)
M. Alessandra Papa Science code
Holger Pletsch FGRP science code and search method, post-processing and analysis
Alexander Post Server maintenance, radio pulsar searches (data preparation)
Reinhard Prix Science code, search design, Linux and Mac builds, optimization, debugging, BOINC development
James Riordon Public relations
Gary Roberts Forum moderation
Rahul Sengar Radio pulsar searches (survey design, data preparation, post-processing)
Xavier Siemens Science code, testing, data preparation
Avneet Singh S5 Einstein@Home galactic center post processing and paper
Benjamin Steltner Data preparation, search set-up and design, sensitivity characterization, timing, debugging, post-processing
Sinead Walsh Search set-ups, post processing, sensitivity characterization
Rom Walton BOINC core client and clientgui development, debugging
Jason Wu Gamma-ray pulsar searches (data preparation)
Sylvia J. Zhu Automatic identification of disturbed bands, post -processing, injection test-runs


Download mirror providers:

Institution Location Time Zone Administrator
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) Hanover, Germany UTC+1 Carsten Aulbert, Henning Fehrmann, Alexander Post
Syracuse University Syracuse, NY, USA UTC-5 Michael R. Brady
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI, USA UTC-6 Adam Mercer