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adrianxw started discussion Non GPU work.
When I switch the screen to one of my machines, about a third of the picture is partially obscured by a repeating...
18th October 2020
adrianxw commented on 58.54 %
No. The machines here are four core eight thread systems, both BOINC Managers are visible on this screen 24/7 both show...
4th September 2020
adrianxw commented on annoyed
I see that message also, but certainly not frequently, I think it comes the first time Einstein fetches work after the...
4th September 2020
adrianxw started discussion 58.54 %
>>> % of time BOINC client is running: 58.54 % That suprised me when I saw it, as both of my machines run...
3rd September 2020
The way back machine has the simple tutorial here:
29th July 2020