Wow it's been a decade for me

Keith Windish
Keith Windish
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I just noticed that I have been doing this project for over a decade. SETI will be 15 years for me next month. Still haven't heard anything I guess.

Bikeman (Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein)
Bikeman (Heinz-...
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Wow it's been a decade for me

Happy project anniversary :-) , and thanks for your contributions over the last 10 years!

Too bad we don't have a badge system here (yet), once we do have you should get one!


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A decade for me too

A decade for me too (tomorrow) :)

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I just passed my decade here

I just passed my decade here too.

Pooh Bear 27
Pooh Bear 27
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In March I will also be here

In March I will also be here a decade. We have a lot of us that this is happening to this year. Congrats to all the fellow users who have achieved this milestone!

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I've been a member since 9

I've been a member since 9 Feb 2005, this was my third BOINC project after SETI and CPDN. I also computed for SETI Classic (14 Aug 2002), Folding@Home and the original WCG using the United Devices client.

Mike Hewson
Mike Hewson
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Yes, we will have more than a

Yes, we will have more than a few Einstein At Home First Decadians* this year ! :-)

Congrats to all, I'll clock in my tenner later on. Imagine that eh? Where does the time go ?

These personal milestones obviously reflect well upon the project, and thus certainly worth a few general observations/reflections :

- the project still exists !

- it has nailed more than a few terrific scientific achievements !

- as a computing entity it has steadily grown in stature and performance !

- it has received genuine positive acknowledgement from professional practitioners in the relevant knowledge domains !

- it has contributed to the professional development of some practitioners !

- it has contributed to the development of distributed computing !

- it has a very bright future on account of the refinement of it's practices and protocols !

ie. pats on the back all around I feel. Or high fives .... seriously all E@H registrants of whatever longevity have provided essential resources, feedback and other valuable involvement that input materially to the above scorecard.

Personally I am recurrently and pleasantly amazed that in a world that presently exhibits more social/political/etc fractures than a grenaded glass factory, such commonality of purpose can be so demonstrated. Plus of course it is a geek/nerd hobby par excellence ! :=)

Cheers, Mike.

* EAHFDs if I may suggest/register a mnemonic ! :-)

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter ...

... and my other CPU is a Ryzen 5950X :-) Blaise Pascal

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Congratulations everyone for

Congratulations everyone for the one decade project anniversary. I will also be there towards the end of this year.


ExtraTerrestrial Apes
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3-digit user ID here and

3-digit user ID here and still happily crunching :)


Scanning for our furry friends since Jan 2002

MAGIC Quantum Mechanic
MAGIC Quantum M...
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Hallo, and

Hallo, and congratulations!

When has been started this projekt officialy?

Kind Regards and happy crunching

For me now 10a - 2month

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