Wow it's been a decade for me

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So today it has also been 10

So today it has also been 10 years for me.

It's amazing that using a mainstream CPU and a mainstream GPU I made the past 5 weeks almost as much credit as the 10 years before!

In the beginning I had several computers crunching 24/7, before the GPU application was released. Now you almost can't see it in the graph :)

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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I got to 10 years last month.

I got to 10 years last month. It's a long time since I last visited a stats site, so I too got a bit of a pleasant surprise when I found my long term history for Einstein.


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10 years for me!!!

10 years for me!!!

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Also 10 years, yay \o/ A

Also 10 years, yay \o/

A toast to us! We are getting old here, guys ;)

Had never any dedicated crunching machines. I have just been putting Einstein on machines I am using/managing, as long there are free resources, for the past decade.

Armin Burkhardt speaking for MPI/FKF
Armin Burkhardt...
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One more with a complete

One more with a complete decade ...thanks for reminding me Keith ;-)!

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And now my ten year friends

And now my ten year friends (yeah, I'm 10 years too) just imagine that we all spent a lot of electricity for last 10 years! But all we had to do to crunch such a huge volume of data was just... to wait for about 10 years for modern computers and just crunch it in several month.
We can go further and wait for next 10 years and crunch all that we have already crunched and will in next decate in about same several months.
Looks like I'm getting older :)

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Whoa, I am pleased to join in

Whoa, I am pleased to join in the decade club ;-)

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Just returned to the forums

Just returned to the forums after a busy work period and noticed this thread. I see I joined 15 March 2005 which happens to be my birthday! So I missed celebrating my decade at the same time...
I'm sure that the couple of smartphones I have crunching here can do a WU faster than whatever CPU I was using back then!

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I just hit the 10 year mark

I just hit the 10 year mark too.

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10 Years back in June for me.

10 Years back in June for me.

My original computer I think was a Pentium 4 single core, along with an AMD 4800+, both long since retired (although the chip and possibly motherboard could still be here somewhere), their ID's were merged into replacement AMD Opterons which have also been merged into other AMD computers.

I still do have one of those Opteron 285 computers still on my list here dated 19th Feb 2007, so 2 years to the day since official launch date (8 years old), that computer still exists just needs a new motherboard.

Another 10 years anyone?


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