screensaver doesn't work

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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BOINC screensaver only runs

BOINC screensaver only runs for cpu tasks.   

Never runs for gpu tasks.

Yes, there is a separate screensaver executable in Linux compiled BOINC installations named boincscr.


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Scrooge McDuck wrote: There

Scrooge McDuck wrote:

There are apps within einstein@home which offer graphics output, others don't. If an app, resp. a corresponding task doesn't support graphics output, the button "show graphics" in the task tab of BOINC's manager is disabled. This graphics output has to be configured server-side by the project team within the app configuration (XML configuration, workunit generation). Running BOINC on Windows OS there are one or two executables per 'app'. (I don't know about Linux, MacOS). There is the science app executable and (PERHAPS optionally) an additional graphics executable. There is some kind of parametrization to let the graphics executable draw some arrow/destination pointer to the region in the celestial sphere where current task "looks" at. BOINC's screensaver runs the same graphics executable showing a fullscreen output. If there's no graphics executable configured in the task's corresponding app, then Windows screensaver won't show the rotating celestial sphere; maybe black screen only...

Currently there are only O3MD1 CPU tasks distributed to clients which do not offer graphics output, while previously FGRP5 and BRP4X64 tasks offered graphics. I'm not sure about GPU tasks (FGRPB1G, BRP4), if these offer graphics (eventually counter-productive: using GPU cycles for computation and graphics rendering in parallel).

So, in some weeks the current O3MD1 science run will be finished, then hopefully there will be different tasks distributed to clients which again will offer graphics.


Ahh...this explains it....I have O3MD1V2a apps runnings for all my CPU. So, that's why I am not getting Graphics.

Hopefully, in the new projects they will have graphics in CPU apps.

Scrooge McDuck
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If I'm looking on the server

If I'm looking at the server status page there are workunits available ("Tasks to send") for FGRP5 and BRP4(X64) CPU tasks which should support graphics. The projects scheduler prefers to distribute O3MD1 CPU tasks at the moment because there's lot of work to do (see CPU TFLOPS meter for each sub-project at server status page).

So you can try to overide scheduler decision by disabling those apps in preferences which don't support graphics (einstein@home website: account --> preferences --> project  ... and untick/disable applications, e.g. O3MD1 CPU). Hopefully you'll then get other task types if scheduler allows it.

Pay attention that you can configure these preferences for different venues like Generic, work, home, school... Your computer can also be assigned to one of these venues: account site --> host list --> click specific host --> end of page: select venue. If one doesn't use venues at all, all your computers are assigned to a "Generic" default venue.

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Hi, the graphcs view shown by

Hi, the graphcs view shown by Task Command Show Graphis displays no readable text, just glyphs. (BOINC Manager Version 7.14.2 x64 / wxWidgets Version 3.0.1) Same is true for the screensaver. Andy -- Sorry, wrong place to report this to. (Updated 23:27) SOLVED (Installed whole bunch of new drivers from AMD).

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how can i get einstein

how can i get einstein screensaver in english. yes english is 

set in language settings

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Running Windows 10 with 960M.

Running Windows 10 with 960M. I like to let the screensaver run for a little whiles and then blank out.


The screensaver doesn't seem to respect the resolutions I set for it. The top and bottom of the globe are beyond the edges of the screen and there's no text (which is probably cut off too based on looking at it with Show Graphics).


Anything above 1024x768 just seems to be ignored. I cranked it up to 1600x1200 and it still comes out. I think if I do Show Graphics it's displaying it at the proper resolution, but I would have to run through a few test resolutions to be sure. When I maximize, it fits fine in the window and no wierd aspect ratios.


I've had this issue for years with multiple BOINC versions and GeForce driver versions.

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