Optomized S5 SSE3

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Akos... The S5T0004 is


The S5T0004 is giving sometimes some "stops" on the % for around 5 seconds, and then continue to process the WU.

I'm trying the S5T0002 and it's perfect without the "strange stops" on the S5T0004.

Running on a P D 930 3.0ghz @ 4.2GHz.

Hope that can help you.

by the way... thanks for your efforts!!!!

Best regards,

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Just did the patch for

Just did the patch for S5T0004, I exited BOINC with Einstein still sitting at 74%, did the patch, restarted, and its crunching so far. Will see how this one does. Thank you Akos. And thank you Crunch3r for the mirrored sites.


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Is it just the UI update

Is it just the UI update pausing, or is work actaully stopping for a few secs? I've seen the former occasionally with all s4 variants.

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Pentium4 2,66GHz, WinXPHome I

Pentium4 2,66GHz, WinXPHome
I used the patch
working now on a short h1 Wu
without patch duration 1h 51min
with patch ~1h 31min <-- 1% = 55 sec, means 81% of the normal execution time
difference 20 minutes
we will see, if it is done.
now 33% are done.
It works fine, thanks crunchr and akosf

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RE: I used the

Message 38930 in response to message 38929


I used the patch

Which one?

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This is my first full result

This is my first full result with the S5T0003 patch. And this result was a hybrid - about 10% standard app/90% patched. It appears the patch is 10 to 12% faster than the standard app on my 2.4 GHz P4 w/Windows XP Pro.

Edit: This is my "Results for computer" (for comparison).

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This is a hybrid result (~83%

This is a hybrid result (~83% std/17% S5T0004)... it took ~47457 seconds to complete OK, and claims 179.83 credits. Three comparable WUs (that were awarded the same amount of credit) crunched w/only std app took approx. 47787, 47644, and 47583, so I'd say this patch is faster.

Edit: The PC used for crunching the above WUs has a Pentium M 1600 cpu and is running WinXP Pro

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First result with particular

First result with particular s5t0003 is finished with no problems on a A63 3500+ with WinXP. You can have a look here.

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Dualcore Opteron 170 @ 2,6

Dualcore Opteron 170 @ 2,6 GHz

Standard App: ca. 27500s (7h 38min)
patched S5T0004: ca. 26400s (7h 20min)

improvement: ca 4% (average of 2 WUs)

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I am testing Patch 0003 on a

I am testing Patch 0003 on a P3 Coppermine.
The first WU with the patch needed more time than the original client (???).
(original app with 8684s),(patched app with 9422s).

I will leave this 0003 patch running over the weekend and compare further results.

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