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Fuzzy Hollynoodles
Fuzzy Hollynoodles
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A thread created for the different teams to present themselves and for recruiting new members..

Let me introduce you to

The Biggest Little team, anywhere!

You don't have to be crazy or silly to be there, but it helps!


Ok, go ahead, knock yourselves and each other out!
Just and but don't forget to later over in the Cafe!

Daniel Michel
Daniel Michel
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let me spread the word about SPREAD FIREFOX...we are looking for new members who
want to crunch EINSTEIN@HOME with fancy website...just a desire to BOINC and spread the word about FIREFOX...the best web browser out there.

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Team-SciFi will gladly

Team-SciFi will gladly welcome aboard folks with an interest in science fiction as well as real science. Check out our page to learn more.

Richard M
Richard M
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Click the Sig.!

Click the Sig.!

Click the Sig!


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And don't forget us ;) #1

And don't forget us ;)

#1 Boinc team!

(click my team banner ;)

Gruesse vom Saenger

For questions about Boinc look in the BOINC-Wiki

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Team MacNN, the best

Team MacNN, the best Macintosh team ever. All computers are welcome.

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Why are we on Einstein?

Why are we on Einstein? Because we know gravity plays a big part in British Columbia, especially on the ski hills.

Gravity isn't just about mass. The Earth sucks!

Bruno G. Olsen _ ESEA _ greenholt
Bruno G. Olsen ...
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Join here - Visit our

Join here
- Visit our website

(also available on Seti@home, Predictor@home,, LHC@home,
BURP, Orbit@home, SZTAKI Desktop Grid and Message@home)

Fuzzy Hollynoodles
Fuzzy Hollynoodles
Joined: 9 Feb 05
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You have already met some of

You have already met some of the inmates from The Final Front Ear!

And now, meet the nurses!!!

Nurse Olga:
Nurse Goodbody:
Nurse Rachette:

Not to mention Mrs. Miggins:

To quote the infamous Miggins:

"I know that beating egg whites poses no problem....

I know from experience that a swift wrist action can

make almost anything stand up stiffly."

Click the pics to learn more about the staff over in the asylum!

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Message 12819 in response to message 12818

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Join the Knights who say

Join the Knights who say Ni!

Welcome to the looney magnet click the picture for more info

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