Android app release: feedback thread

Gundolf Jahn
Gundolf Jahn
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RE: Before you re-enable

Before you re-enable WiFi, set your work cache size really low...

Or temporarily set "No New Tasks" (if that's possible with the Android app :-).


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Nearly every one my Motorola

Nearly every one my Motorola Xoom processes ends up invalidated.

Funny thing is that the other Android device that processed this work unit was validated and it appears to have the same processor as mine.

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Under the Advanced

Under the Advanced preferences i can´t set any workbuffer cache size on my device if i see that right but i should perhaps watch at that configuration on the account page.
Thank you both for answering me.

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Same here, also with the S2.

Same here, also with the S2. I mentioned this issue in the beginning already, but it seems that it wasn't fixed yet. Could someone please give us an update if this is being worked on and what's the status. Currently this is no use and I think the S2 is still a relatively common device, so this might affect many users.

Is it a BOINC client issue or an issue of the E@H application itself?


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The application got stuck at

The application got stuck at 86,641% for 3 days. Restarts of the app and BOINC and Wifi and the whole phone don't help - it simply shows me that it is running (green progress bar), but it isn't. LG P500. Don't know where to look at for the reason.

Frank Jasper
Frank Jasper
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As a data point in case

As a data point in case anyone is trying to get their Droid X to crunch Einstein.

My Droid X is crunching with the following settings:

Xfer on wi-fi only, wi-fi is connected.
0.0Mb data transfer limit
Compute on battery is allowed (Droid X runs on battery once it's fully charged-apparently this is common for Android devices.)
Min. battery level: 90%
Max Battery Temp: 40*
Pause above CPU: 50%
Max used storage space: 50%
Min spare storage space: 0.1GB
RAM limit: 80% (This seemed to be the hangup. It wouldn't even download tasks when it was set to 50%.)

If heat becomes an issue, I'll update this post.

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first 10.000 credits done.

first 10.000 credits done. Nice working with the app. Why can't I change the CPU Usage anymore? Only way to adjust the power consumption is to crunch on less then 4 cores. At start of the app it was possible to change the percentage of cpu usage (cpu time).

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I don't personally know BOINC

I don't personally know BOINC on Android, but generally a setting of less than 100% CPU time is inefficient. The CPU bursts to the maximum power state (which is by definition the least efficient one) shortly and then is left to idle for a short time. Better would be sustained load under a moderate performance & power setting, as this would let the CPU run in a more energy efficient state (lower voltage). The current ARM SoC's are not terribly good at switching power states, though. Maybe a global power setting does it? I don't know, as I don't have an Android device.


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BOINC for Android client

BOINC for Android client questions are best asked in the BOINC for Android Google group that is developing the client. It's also there that most, if not all, changes are logged.

Laurie Kennedy
Laurie Kennedy
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After two months I think I'll

After two months I think I'll have to give up on my Galaxy S3 (Previous post 28 July) All went well at first but now several lots in a row have failed; either with "Computation Error" or by the computation time resetting after a minute or so.
Rather than insert large error files, here's a couple of the latest refs:

Latest settings:
Compute on battery, min level 40%, max temp 40 C
CPU cores 4, pause above 90%
Max used storage 80%, min spare 2.0GB (changed from 40%, 4.0GB)
RAM limit 90%

Cheers, Laurie

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