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Yin Gang commented on S5R3
My first S5R3 WU just finished on P4-2.8E (with HT): name: h1_0539.05_S5R2__158_S5R3a cpu time: 114,452.47 secs granted...
25th September 2007
I'm also using the AVG Free Edition.
12th August 2007
I just got two results with no credit granted. As MattDavis said, the other two results of the same wu have been crunched...
29th May 2007
Yin Gang commented on Milestones II
300K+ on Einstein@Home~~
20th May 2007
Why S3 appeared in that news instead of S4? Quote:From the main page: Quote:November 6, 2006 Today we passed the...
13th November 2006