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That's a really big news~! Congratulations to all~~ ps. Hope I'll be the next lucky guy ^oo^
13th August 2010
Yin Gang commented on Web code update
The 'Community - Languages' link is broken: "../languages/compiled/" is not a directory. Please consult the...
9th June 2010
是ä¸æ˜¯åœ¨å®¢æˆ·ç«¯åŠ å…¥é¡¹ç›®æ—¶é€‰æ‹©äº†é”™è¯¯çš„项目?
11th August 2009
Yin Gang commented on Milestones IV
One million on EAH!
8th January 2009
Yin Gang commented on S5R5 plans
So...the result of S5R4 would still make any sense? If not, I'd like to stop running this project until S5R5 comes out...
2nd November 2008