Wu name make up

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When it comes to the wu name: Take for example p2030.20130929.G186.61-01.36.N.b1s0g0.00000_2596_0

What am i looking at? I can see a date in there. But what is the rest? Spacial coordinates? Same question for PA wu's, Gravitational Wave work.

Sorry i'm a n00b in those things :)

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Wu name make up

Hallo Senamun!
You should better place your question in the "Crunshers Corner" forum, than here.
In the taskname are enclosed a lot of different information like the observastion frequency, bandwidth, rate of frequency chirp etc., etc.. I´m shure, there was a thread belonging to this long, long ago, but I hope there will be an expert to explain this once more these days.

Kind regards and happy crunching

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