WU gets stuck at 89.997%

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WU gets stuck at 89.997% for random amount of time with very little utilization.  I've had one that went for over an hour on a gtx 970 with extremely low utilization after 89.997%.  And another time I had it get stuck at 89.997% and two minutes later finish the WU.  The WU is FGRPopencl1k-nvidia, Gamma-ray Pulsar Search 1.18.  I hope this helps in getting this problem solved.

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That is normal.  You can read

That is normal.  You can read about it on many comments here.

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Mine seem to pause at 90% as

Yup, normal. Mine seem to pause at 90% as well with no GPU utilization. I don't think my 970 takes an hour but I think it can be a couple of minutes.

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That's the final stage of

That's the final stage of processing when the results are sorted, evaluated and prepared before being sent back to the servers. It will take a varying amount of time depending on what was found during processing. This is also the stage that can utilize DP on the GPU if it supports it (and thus be done faster) and if not it's done on the CPU.

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