Windows scheduler headache

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I recently had a rouge process fully utilizing one of the 8 threads on the box with my GTX560 in it.

This would be annoying enough in any event; but for some reason despite the CPU processes having a lower priority than the GPU process the latter was consistently starved of CPU time to the point that instead of 35-40 minutes per BRP4 CUDA task it was taking as many as 8 hours to complete one.

Other than keeping a closer eye on things and finding a replacement for the app if its newest version goes crazy as well is there anything simple I could do to force better behavior when the scheduler is overloaded? I'd prefer not to have to much with an app_info file again; the headaches involved with each app upgrade are really annoying.

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Windows scheduler headache

Use Linux instead... ;-)

One trick would be to run a timed job to look at the current elapsed times and email you or pop up a dialog to warn you of slow progress...

Then again, that could be a feature request for the Boinc manager to note unusually slow progress...

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