Windows S5R4 App 6.06 available for Beta Test

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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RE: v6.07 is for SSE2

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v6.07 is for SSE2 only.

Temporarily - until Bernd is satisfied that the fix works.

I'm looking to the (hopefully very near) future when he puts up for download and testing, the other parts of the suite :-).


Donald A. Tevault
Donald A. Tevault
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RE: I actually wonder if

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I actually wonder if there are still non-SSE machines attached to Einstein@home.


Every once in a while, just for fun, I'll crunch a few workunits with my old Dell dual-Pentium II 333 server.

Also, for the past few weeks, I've been running my old G3-450 iMac.

Byron S Goodgame
Byron S Goodgame
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RE: He only had one task,

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He only had one task, that's why I was surprised.

I guess because he's probably running something like Seti as the main project with E@H as a very low resource share backup :-).

May well have been the reason. Part of my surprise centered around him not having a large cache going on in any projects he's running. I had said in an earlier post in this thread that I was sorry they'd have to wait on me and was happily surprised.

It's not the norm when a better pc doesn't have to wait on my XP, and I understand most of the reasons why his would come in later than mine, but I was just glad to see they didn't have to wait this time.

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