Why can't BOINC Manager prefs suspend tasks?

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I recently upgraded by Ubuntu system, which upgraded BOINC Manager from 7.16 to 7.18 (pre-release). Today I tried to set local prefs to suspend tasks while computer is in use, but it didn't work. It used to work, although the last time I used it was a few years back. But now, after checking the box in the BOINC - Computing preferences pop-up window, clicking Save, and selecting from the main pull-down menu: Options > Read local prefs file, ... and nothing changed.

Other preferences, like changing "% CPU used" to 50% and "Suspend when non-BOINC CPU usage is above x%", take effect immediately.

As a work-around I'm suspending tasks by setting the non-BOINC CPU usage limit to 25%, but what am I missing getting tasks suspended when the computer is in use?

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try using the boinc version

try using the boinc version from the costamagnagianfranco PPA instead.



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