why buying new Ram isn't easy

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This was written on the PrimeGrid Forums so I'm linking to it here:


BUT it applies very much to people who want the best out of their pc's here at Einsten as well. It talks about 'rank' versus 'bank' in selecting ram for your pc and why manufacturers may not be as forthcoming as they could be and why it's important to dig deeper than just the speed and price of what we buy to make our pc's faster, AND why adding that new ram MAY have made your pc run slower!!

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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The higher the clock and the

The higher the clock and the lower the tCL is best to achieve the lowest latency.

More ranks equal higher bandwidth.

More RAM often runs faster in more NUMA domains.

If you want to dig deeper into RAM timings, suggest Buildzoid's YT series on RAM timings.


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