Who run a Nvidia Titan ? Thinking about the next Titan in 2020

Nicolas Bruttin
Nicolas Bruttin
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Hi there,

Thinking of upgrading my GPU with the next Titan to be released in 2020, I would like to know how the current Titan perform against 2080 ti.

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience

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Don't run Titans but do run

Don't run Titans but do run 2080 Supers. The cost of a Titan RTX is $2500. The cost of a 2080S is $750 plus a $40 rebate so $710.  The production of a 2080Ti isn't much better than the 2080S. The Titan is slightly more than a 2080Ti.  You could get 3 2080S that would product 2.5x  or more work for that slightly less amount of money. Even 2 2080S would out produce a Titan as so far as work per hour and be significantly less $.

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