Which settings for max BRP3cuda32 app performance?

Sutaru Tsureku
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Hi community,

I have not much experiences with E@h..

I would like to crunch with the BRP3cuda32 app on my GTX260 OC (CPU E7600, WinXP 32bit, nVIDIA driver 275.33)..

In the project settings I can choose:

Graphics setting: frames per second (FPS)
Warning: affects CPU consumption! Default value: 20

Graphics setting: render quality
Warning: requires hardware 3D acceleration! Default value: low

Graphics setting: window width (pixels)
Default value: 800

Graphics setting: window height (pixels)
Default value: 600

The GTX260 OC is the secondary GPU in my machine (only for crunching), the screen is connected to the onboard GPU.
So lags or something other are not a problem, so what are the best settings for my machine for max GPU output?

BTW, the GTX260 OC are set 800x600 8bit color in Windows. I guess this are the best settings for max crunching speed, or I'm wrong?


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Which settings for max BRP3cuda32 app performance?

I always assumed those project settings only affected the screensaver application. Since you have another GPU running your screen, the screen saver parameters would effect that GPU. There is a small CPU cost of running the screensaver which might have a small effect on your crunching.
The crunching don't care about screen resolution.

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