Where do lost tasks come from and why so many?

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I restarted boinc on one of my systems.  Had been running a SETI benchmark program.  I checked the event log after about a couple of hours and it was at over 8000 lines long (this was Boinctasks event log).  The vast majority** were messages about resent tasks.  Occasionally I would see maybe 5 or 6 in a row a message like "already reported".  There were very few of those compared to the lost ones.  I did see a strange error message that I had seen only once before several months ago "two instances of scheduler running" which I suspect is not supposed to happen.

There tasks for the computer are here


I see a total of 4300 tasks completed or being worked on.  Three days ago there were about 8000+ tasks download as "lost tasks" mentioned in the event log.  Maybe this is a problem with having two "schedulers" running.  Rebooting seems to have stopped the lost task message.


** I filter out all routine messages using a custom Boinc client.  Typically only 200 messages are ever displayed at any time no matter hbnow long I leave the log up on the display so I was a real shock to see 8000+

Keith Myers
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Lost tasks come from the

Lost tasks come from the scheduler not getting the ack from the client that the task was successfully received.


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