When S4 work runs dry, where will you crunch?

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I will crunch Rosetta. They are working on science that takes on the most pressing challenge is biology at the moment, proteins. They are also in the midst of the biannual scientific challenge called CASP, which is a test for science teams to bring out their latest enhanced technology and apply it to unknown proteins, and see which team is making the best progress on solving the protein riddle.

Once we understand the science of how proteins work, treatments and cures for most diseases will be at-hand, and drugs or vaccines for things like bird flu can be devised in record time.

They are working on the technology that will add many years to your life.

The project is still ramping up, so it's not too late for teams to join and take a top spot. In fact there is a special contest underway during CASP for teams. Lead scientist David Baker mentioned it in his regular update to users. This is really handy, because it keeps you up to date with what the project team is up to. Progress they've made, new proteins they are studying, and science techniques they are applying to solve the problem.

If you'd like to learn more, they've put together a great summary of helpful links and threads.

I will crunch Rosetta. Because I want to help cure cancer, HIV, Alzheimer's, Malaria, Anthrax and most other human disease.

What will you crunch?

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When S4 work runs dry, where will you crunch?

What will you crunch?


Mike Hewson
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Did you miss this? Cheers,

Did you miss this?
Cheers, Mike.

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

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I'll be crunching the S5 E@H

I'll be crunching the S5 E@H work units.

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Hmm, I'm crunching for nine

Hmm, I'm crunching for nine projects allready, so if there's a gap between S4 and S5 I'll still have work to do :-)

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