What's the format of the work time in local pref?

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I'm a newly-joined member and is configuring my Boinc.

My plan is to make my computer to work from 18:00 to 8:00 every workday and 24 hours on weekend.

But how should I write in the local preference?
I mean the format.
Can I fill in the blank like this:

Monday 18:00-08:00
Tuesday 18:00-08:00
Saturday 0:00-24:00
Sunday 0:00-24:00

Can this be recognized by the Boinc program?

I'm not a native speaker, sorry for the poor English.
Thank you!

Gundolf Jahn
Gundolf Jahn
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What's the format of the work time in local pref?

The weekday entries are for the "Day-of-week override".

So, if you leave "Every day between hours of ___ and ___ (no restriction if equal)" and the boxes for Saturday and Sunday empty and fill in "18:00-08:00" (without quotation marks) for Monday to Friday, it should work as you desire.


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