What your usual Performance Cap reason for NV cards?

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The reason of this poll - I would like to understand what could be done with my own 1050Ti card to increase its performcance.


Currently I see ~80(89max, 60* (!) average)% of GPU load (I know, there will be lot of critics but by default I run with full cores busy with CPU apps so as NV GW app plan class says 0.9 CPU BOINC runs 4 CPU instances + 1 GPU ) with quite high memory controller usage (cause it's discrete GPU I suppose the reason of considerable controller load is app itself, not driver memory swapping as it was with FGRP on 460SE card; bus usage of 1% supports this view).

And card performance cap reason is VRel.

So, what your usual performance cap reason? And if not VRel - should I increase GPU voltage somehow ?


*so low average comes from current NV GW O3AS Engineering run. After ~99% done it stops using GPU at all. And moving from 99% to 100% takes considerable time. And all this time app actually is CPU app, not GPU. So running 2 tasks per GPU if possible would be highly desirable with this type of load...


Keith Myers
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From what I understand, you

From what I understand, you can't alter the gpu voltage on modern cards.  Possible for older cards but anything recent is impossible.  Locked down by the manufacturers.

All you have control over is some tiny adjustment in power levels which just slides the gpu along a fixed voltage/power curve burned into the firmware.

The only way to get around that is physical modification of the hardware as with using shunt mods.


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