What resources are used by S6Bucket Follow-up #1

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I usually just run BRP (Perseus Arm Survey) on a legacy Nvidia GPU, using my CPU to run ATLAS from LHC at CERN. But yesterday I noticed one instance of Gravitational Wave search S6Bucket Follow-up #1 running in BOINC. That was weird in itself, since I had not allowed it in Preferences. It also marked the second time my Preferences had changed (or been changed) without my knowledge. I didn't mind, though, since Task Manager did not show any unusual CPU or memory usage. The WU ran for 26,983.81 s, with a CPU time of 26,763.55 s. It ended with a Validate error, though.

Can anybody tell me what a typical CPU and memory usage for S6Bucket is? Let me know if I need to provide more information. Thanks.


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What resources are used by S6Bucket Follow-up #1

since I had not allowed it in Preferences.

I think the current behavior here at Einstein is that when a new application is introduced the corresponding new preferences item starts out as enabled.

However, if it is your desire not to run Einstein CPU jobs, I think if you select No for the Use CPU Einstein preference that your choice may be durable.

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Yes Einstein seems to do

Yes Einstein seems to do that, in my case it has not worked out well, production really slowed down.

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