what happend here?

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this task got "stuck" for what appeard to be several hours. e@h showd no cpu usage so i restarted boinc, the task imidiatly went to 100% with a message about no output file, i was going to look in the logs to see if i could find the message but i cant for the life of me find where the log is. ive lookd under boincs folder in program files and found nothing, i know they moved the data directory but i cant seem to find it.

edit: found it. i didnt think to look in all users.

20-Dec-2008 16:33:23 [Einstein@Home] Computation for task h1_1151.95_S5R4__901_S5R4a_1 finished
20-Dec-2008 16:33:23 [Einstein@Home] Output file h1_1151.95_S5R4__901_S5R4a_1_0 for task h1_1151.95_S5R4__901_S5R4a_1 absent
20-Dec-2008 16:33:23 [Einstein@Home] Starting h1_1151.95_S5R4__908_S5R4a_2
20-Dec-2008 16:33:34 [Einstein@Home] Starting task h1_1151.95_S5R4__908_S5R4a_2 using einstein_S5R4 version 604

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what happend here?


If this happens repeatedly you might want to try the current Windows beta app (see the sticky thread in this forum). There is a page in the [url=http://www.boinc-wiki.info/Unrecoverable_error_for_result_%27(result)%27_(Incorrect_function._(0x1)_-_exit_code_1_(0x1))]unofficial BOINC WIKI[/url] on this, hinting to possible issues with the graphics driver or checkpointing file, but nothing specific for Einstein@Home.


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