What is the difference between FGRP3 applications?

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I´m not sure I should post this in this forum, however fail to spot a better place for it. If there is one, I apologise but maybe a moderator can relocate?

I have only two tasks remaining for now - I´m having a slow cruncher, so the difference is immediately obvious - and the Application column for one reads Gamma-ray pulsar search #3 1.11, however the second one states Gamma-ray pulsar search #3 1.11 (FGRPSSE). I know about GPU, for which I don´t have something qualifying. However, these two are on the same LATeah0056C_96 data (as it looks to me, maybe I´m wrong on that).

So, as per the title, what is the difference between those two? I went to and through several pages on site, could not find it though. Just curious of course.

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What is the difference between FGRP3 applications?


It means that FGRPSSE version uses special CPU(SIMD) instructions and it should be more optimized = faster runtimes.

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