Warning and Question: W 10 Ann Update Restarts

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I have four Windows 10 systems, one by birth, and three by free upgrade from Windows 7.

By now three of the four have updated to Anniversary Edition--the one by birth was pushed out by  Microsoft, and I forced early on the two of the others that run GPUs, partly from interest in a memory leak issue with Einstein GRP6.

I had all four systems configured to download updates and notify me, and they had not been doing unrequested restarts to perform the updates, so I was annoyed that in the last couple of days two of the three Anniversary Edition machines did unrequested restarts not to do a major monthly multiple item update, but for a single update.  I lost crunching time, of course.  Worse, I imagined losing many days if this happens while I am out of town.

The update scheduling options on offer at Settings|Update & Security|Windows Update seem to have changed with the Anniversary Edition.  So not only has it forgotten my old settings, but I don't see there a means to re-establish them.

Does anyone here know a method for making Windows 10 Anniversary Edition wait to do the actual update installation and restart until user permission?  I'd like one that postpones things at least three weeks and that is durable.  I only see means to schedule a currently pending update, not far enough into the future.

The Internet is full of posts regarding doing this for older flavors of Windows 10.  I'm pretty sure Anniversary Edition is different.

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I have pretty much bailed out

I have pretty much bailed out of Win10 after a trial period, and gone back to Win7 (or forward to Ubuntu) on my various machines.  But one trick I had used was to simply disable the Windows Update service, or even BITS if necessary.  It is crude, but MS may leave you no other choice.

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I'm not sure if this would

I'm not sure if this would help, but setting the "Metered connection" ON might prevent Windows from automatically downloading any of the future updates (even the small ones?).


and "Meter your Internet connection".

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I use (besides other private

The same happened to me while I was on vacation.
I use (besides other private tricks) the O&O ShutUp10 to tweak several settings after each installation. Perhaps this offers such a setting, haven't checked yet.

Here other suggestions (Disable Reboot Task, Edit GP): https://techjourney.net/permanently-disable-prevent-automatic-restart-of-windows-update-in-windows-10/



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archae86 wrote:   Worse, I

archae86 wrote:


  Worse, I imagined losing many days if this happens while I am out of town.


Did you run the 'control userpasswords2' command from the 'windows key +r' box? If not do that and you can set the box to auto boot into your account on each reboot, at least you won't lose crunching time while it waits for user input to log in.

One of things I do not like about the new version is it is always changing stuff, my icons are always moving around, or spreading out all across the screen instead of several neat columns. On the anniversary update it also changes my screen color to all black, which does NOT work when using UVNC as I can't see the cursor moving around, so I have to go to each pc and change it back to a color that I can see the cursor moving around on. I had some even change the setting to blank the screen after x number of minutes too, I turned that off YEARS ago yet MS turned it back on!! Most of my pc's run with no keyboard, mouse or monitor so blanking the screen is NOT helpful!!! I had to get extension cables for my keyboard, mouse and monitor cables just so I could deal with it!! The other problem I have is sharing files between pc's, all of my pc's are on Win10 and all but one was upgraded from Win7, under Win7 I could copy files back and forth between pc's with no problems, but under Win10 some pc's refused to play nice!! Yes the same username and password has an account on each pc and yes they are Administrators!! I had to go into each pc and change the sharing permissions so Everyone had 'full control' over my pc's, that's not how I want it as a hacker then has 'full control'!! I want it so that account that's on each pc has 'full control', but nope doesn't work that way!!

Win10 may work for people with one or two pc's, but for those of use with more than a few pc's, I have 12 running right now, it's a pain in the butt!!!

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mikey wrote: Did you run the

mikey wrote:


Did you run the 'control userpasswords2' command from the 'windows key +r' box? If not do that and you can set the box to auto boot into your account on each reboot, at least you won't lose crunching time while it waits for user input to log in.

Does that just remove the password from the account entirely (which can be done elsewhere too), as the UI is implying to me?  Or does it leave me logged in but with the screen locked again?


I've already set my assorted headless boxes to unpassworded; but on my main personal PC and laptop letting anyone get into the system without my password is unacceptable.

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With the Anniversary Updaate,

With the Anniversary Updaate, you cannot prevent automatic updates from happening with anything other than Professional or Business.  What you can do to somewhat mitigate when the automatic updates happen is to use the Security settings and set a 12 hour window to update the automatic downloaded update.  You would hope to be around during the 12 hour window you schedule.  Does not remedy at all any kind of unattended computing like when you are on vacation or away from the computer for a day.


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I have found the suggestion

I have found the suggestion Jim1348 made (Disabling the Windows Update service) works. You do have to remember to occasionally re-enable it, manually check for updates, disable it again.This works on Windows 10 Anniversary Home.


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Generally I'm a fan of Win

Generally I'm a fan of Win 10.. but this is really going too far. What if you have unsaved work open? Will the OS simply kill countless of productive work worldwide? Or would that keep it from rebooting unattended? BTW: currently I'm glad the anniversary update keeps throwing an error on my main PC.


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I never have any problems

I never have any problems with mine.

I did the upgrade to Win 10 on 6 of my 7 computers about a year ago  and updates have never caused me problems and I run quite a lot of work here and for Cern.

But mine are all at home so mine are all set to d/l the update and then I set the time for it to install and reboot if it has to (the Defender d/l's usually do not need a reboot)

I admit I usually don't have to set the time for it to do the install and reboot and I usually just suspend my tasks and do the reboot and restart all of them and usually do them each on separate days.

But I never had any problems with the basics such as my GPU or the desktops.

I still have one running on a XP Pro that is the original from November 2001 (I did just put the OS in a newer box about 5 years ago) and I want to run that until this project and Cern stop having X86 work.......then I will update to Win7 just to have X64 and get to use more Ram.

I even updated my laptop with Win 10 and a SSD and the reboots on that are FAST.

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Magic, the problems are only

Magic, the problems are only appearing after the anniversary update. Not sure you already have, it's been out since the beginning of August.


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