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Thomas Weyhrauch
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I, along with others, have been seeing a large number of 'Validate Errors' in our tasks list.  To date I have gotten 18 such errors and they are increasing constantly.  All of the errors that I have seen have a Task ID of: 'p2030.20170425.G57.81-02.29.S.b5s0g0.00100_xxxx'.  Most of these task workunits have at least 4 computers reporting the error.  That is a substantial amount of computer time being wasted on what looks to be bad data.

Will this situation be corrected any time soon?  When it is corrected, will all of the computers that worked on these tasks get credit for their time?

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With your posting of the

With your posting of the problem most likely it will be fixed Monday, my past experience is you will probably get credit for them. IMO this probably good science pushing the limits and they were found!

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