Using a Different Hard Drive

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I like to use a different hard drive to I do not use the system Drive

What I like to know what is the easiest way to use my 1TB storage drive instead of the C Drive? I have a SSD but I worry about wear and tear if there is a setting I can use where it will be safe to use on a SSD I would like to use that. But I prefer to use my 1TB HHD D:\ drive. Would it be better to reinstall on the D:\ drive or can I somehow config BOINC for windows to use that drive. I rather not reinstall but change it to the D: Drive.. Please let me know

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Using a Different Hard Drive

As to ware and tear on the SSD I don't think you need to worry, it should last way longer than the computer it's installed in.
There is also the "Tasks checkpoint to disk at most every xx seconds" setting in your Computing preferences that will reduce disk writes if you increase the value.

To move Boinc's data directory to another disk you will have to reinstall Boinc, but that should take no more than a few minutes and Boinc should pick things up right where it was once restarted.

1. Download the appropriate installer from, probably the one without virtual box unless you run any project that needs it. (Einstein and Rosetta does not need Virtual Box)
2. Completely exit Boinc and stop running tasks.
3. Uninstall Boinc.
4. Move Boinc's data directory with all files and subdirectories from C:\Program Data\Boinc (default location on windows vista and newer) to where you want it.
It's a hidden folder so if you can't see it open Windows Explorer and in the adress bar typ or copy C:\Program Data then hit "Enter" on the keyboard.
5. Reinstall Boinc, I think it's on the third screen you get the option to change the path to the data directory if you click on the "Advanced" button. Then point the installer to the new location. It's only the data directory you need to move as the program folder only contains Boinc's own program files and they are only read from.
6. Restart Boinc Manager and everything should continue where it was when you exited Boinc in point 2.

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