Use all cores on Quad

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I've noticed, on my linux box BOINC uses only 2 cores, how to make it run on 4 cores?
I can't find the documentation for config files and there is no option for it in the GUI.

(Yes, I've edited to change all 2 to 4, no help).

anders n
anders n
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Use all cores on Quad

Have you checked your settings for "General preference" on your account page?

Anders n

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If you use the Advanced

If you use the Advanced preferences in BOINC Manager, it's at the "processor usage" tab, "On multiprocessor systems, use at most x processors".

If you use the preferences through the website, it's in Your Account, General preferences, edit preferences, Processor usage, "On multiprocessors, use at most x processors". Make sure you save the changes to the website with the button at the bottom, then update BOINC: Open BOINC Manager, Advanced view, Projects tab, select Einstein@Home, press Update.

If you want to hand edit anything, edit global_prefs.xml and/or global_prefs_override.xml

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