url for this project is different on one of my systems

Joseph Stateson
Joseph Stateson
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Unaccountably, one of my boinc systems has einsteinathome.org and others have einstein.phys.uwm.edu

Error message said it was an old url and to detach and re-attach so I did but...

I did that and still got einsteinathome.org.
I even detaching again and still got that url

Did something happen after the database update today?

from account_einsteinathome.org at c:\ProjectData\Boinc

  • <master_url>https://einsteinathome.org/</master_url>

 When I put together cc_config.xml I had to use the following instead of that einstein.phys.uwm.edu


 Well, maybe this system has the correct url and einstein.phys.uwm.edu is the old one???  Maybe this is punishment for using grcpool?

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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There are two different

There are two different URLs.  The <master_url> should be einstein.phys.uwm.edu.  I imagine this is what is being referred to by the Wiki instructions on boinc.berkeley.edu for client configuration when they use the term "project_URL".

The <scheduler_url> should be https://scheduler.einsteinathome.org/EinsteinAtHome_cgi/cgi.  This is what is needed in the state file for when scheduler requests are made for receiving or reporting work.

If I were you, I'd take a close look at the state file for a working machine and then make sure that a non-working machine had exactly the same strings in the relevant places.  Of course, do this with BOINC stopped.



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