Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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This is just an overall update of the E@H situation.

  • * a problem with DB replication we found to need immediate attention. As this would mean a longer project downtime anyway, we took the opportunity to switch to the new hardware for our master DB server.

* Apart from that our highest priority is still to sort out and fix various problems around the new BRP3 CUDA application: CPU-CUDA validation issues, driver bugs, workunit generation bottlenecks.

* The project team has mostly been sick during the past weeks for various reasons and to different extent. I think we're currently working at about 25% of our normal capacity. Please bear with us.



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Rest, and get well soon to the team !

Look forward to further development.


Michael Karlinsky
Michael Karlinsky
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Get well soon! Michael

Get well soon!


Herman van Kempen
Herman van Kempen
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I hope the whole team will

I hope the whole team will soon be well again.

Allen Clifford
Allen Clifford
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Better to make sure you're

Better to make sure you're healthy ASAP rather than push yourselves and get sicker or stay sick.

Get better soon.

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Get well soon,

Get well soon, please!

Your health is more important than our credits

Grüße vom Sänger

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What was the DB server

What was the DB server upgraded from/to?

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