Tune up your Pascal or Polaris GPU

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As Pascal and Polaris GPUs are apparently getting widespread in the Einstein project, an opportunity is given to remind crunchers that these GPUs can easily be tuned up by undervolting. Because there's an element to it that is going against intuition, an explicit thread seems to be justified.

GPU undervolt benefits:

- reduced temperature
- reduced noise
- reduced power usage
+ increased performance

Other GPUs may benefit as well, for example we've had a Vega discussion a few months ago. Tutorials for those not familiar with undervolting can easily be found online. Benefit values vary, but all in a low percentage range. While for gamers undervolting is optional, for 24/7 crunchers it should be mandatory, and, of course, pure fun :-).

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Well folks !Here's another

sorry, i wend wrong.

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