Transient Upload Error

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I've been receiving this for several hours 

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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Normal.  They take down the

Normal.  They take down the upload server for GR every weekend.


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Too bad, can't download any

Too bad, can't download any new tasks because too many uploads are pending.

Is this unavailability of the server every week at the same time? Only on Sunday?

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if you read the comment from

if you read the comment from Bernd that was linked it does not say that the server is shut down. It says that load sometimes exceeds capacity and the system goes into an automatic throttling condition.

Yes, the recent pattern has been for throttling to take place over many hours during the weekend. Relying on my memory, I think the tendency has been for noticeable recovery to begin early Sunday afternoon by United States Rocky mountain time.

But since the critical variable is offered load, one can hardly expect the timing to be perfectly repeatable.


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