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Sweeney Boys
Sweeney Boys
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I'm fascinated with science and astrophysics, as well as nuclear and particle physics. I know a whole lot and i'm very intelligent. However, I thought that I may be too young to be a member of Einstein@home at only 13 years old. I'd like to know if I can help search for pulsars and if I need to analyze data/reports from my computing system. Thank you!

Sir Rodney Ffing
Sir Rodney Ffing
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if I need to analyze

if I need to analyze data/reports from my computing system

Were that a requirement of participation - I would not be here. ;-) 

The Science forum pages will interest you. Welcome to the project, young Sir :-)

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Sweeney Boys wrote:... I'd

Sweeney Boys wrote:
... I'd like to know if I can help search for pulsars ...

Of course you can ... and continuous emissions of gravity waves too!  And, by the way, welcome to Einstein@Home!

But first you need to work out what's wrong with your computer.  If you look at your tasks list on the website, you can see quite a few compute errors.   There was an initial batch on October 3, then a couple of successfully completed tasks on October 4, followed by more compute errors.  You need to work out why this happened.  It seems a bit unusual.

I don't use Windows at all so I don't know any details about Windows peculiarities/driver issues for your particular hardware.  If you can't solve the issue yourself, you should post as much detail as possible in either the "Getting Started" or "Problems ..." forums. That's where people who understand Windows issues are more likely to hang out.

Good luck with getting it sorted!



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I would think as long as you

I would think as long as you have your parents permission, you should be fine. Since you are using their electricity. 

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