Is there the end of crunching data?

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Or it is endless, like universe?

How many percent have we made? 10%, 20% ... 80%? 

Gary Roberts
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How do you put a percentage

How do you put a percentage figure on data crunched when new data is being continuously produced and likely at an ever increasing rate as we enter the era of gravitational wave astronomy?

The trite answer is that there will always be data to crunch for as long as there is a sentient species in existence with sufficient technology to create it.  Maybe you should ask yourself about the chances of that :-).



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We are coming up on the end

We are coming up on the end of the current batch of GW tasks, with a likely hiatus due to problems getting the next one ready and people taking time off for the holidays.


The Fermi Gamma Ray Pulsar and Arecibo Binary Radio Pulsar pipelines are fed periodically; and should keep getting topped up whenever they approach empty automatically.

Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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The LIGO GW detectors are

The LIGO GW detectors are taking new data periodically, other GW detectors (e.g. VIRGO) will join them soon. We are currently preparing a search in data from LIGOs second "Observation Run" ("O2"), however technical problems with the ATLAS Computing Cluster held up pre-processing of the data. As we don't want to rush things before the holidays when almost everyone (from the project staff) is at home and nobody is watching for possible problems, we postponed the launch of the E@H analysis run to early new year.

The Fermi collaboration keeps publishing new and improved Gamma-Ray data and more possible pulsar positions, and will likely continue to do so for the next couple of years.

The future of Arecibo is still unclear, and so is the data flow. We are therefore trying to keep the throughput of the BRP4 search low, so that we can keep our "small" computers (Android devices, ARMs and PowerMacs) fed with work.


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Hallo Bernd! Is there a

Hallo Bernd!

Is there a chance for a GPU-programversion for GW-work in the near future?


With best wishes for nice holydays and a happy and wealthy year 2018,

kind regards and happy crunching



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