Team recruitment thread.

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Away you go folks....Let's hear about all those wonderful teams out there.

Daniel Michel
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Team recruitment thread.

join SPREAD FIREFOX...we're an international team crunching for a variety of BOINC projects...and on the way we spread the word about the FIREFOX web browser.

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Once again, British Columbia

Once again, British Columbia makes the headlines for being at the cutting edge of dealing with tough social issues, as shown in this article from News of the Weird:

Andrew Uitvlugt, candidate for mayor of Kelowna, British Columbia, proposed in November to coax drug addicts into public jobs, such as trash collection, by rewarding them with crack cocaine, on the theory that the work would be so fulfilling that they would ultimately decline the drugs. (He finished fourth out of five candidates.) [Calgary Herald, 11-11-05; Vancouver Sun, 11-20-05]

B.C. BOINC - Caffeine is our drug of choice.

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Check out Team-SciFi, where

Check out Team-SciFi, where you can compete with some heavy hitters or just lope along and have some fun.

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BOINC@Australia From our


From our home page, by Yoda, 28 December 2005

Whether you are contributing a little to one project with one old computer or participate in several projects with a building full of the latest equipment, we welcome your contribution.

While our emphasis is on Australians living anywhere in the world (including Australia) and anyone living in, or having some connection with Australia, anyone is welcome to join us.

Help us keep the momentum going.

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team CF, only at CPDN, take a

team CF, only at CPDN, take a look! with only 31 members, we've got the 3rd spot! if you're not on a team, JOIN NOW and make your credits count! :)

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If you look out for great

If you look out for great statistics, friendly support or just some fun talk, visit the BOINC Synergy team site via the link below. :)

Michael Karlinsky
Michael Karlinsky
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This thread gives me the

This thread gives me the opportunity to
invite you all to join the Linux Users Everywhere.

You are a friend of open source? You are running the
penguin-powered operating system? Then you might
consider joining.

Visit our team homepage.

Users of all Linux flavours are welcome!


PS: Congratulations to all old and new members of our team to 3M credits.
Well done!


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BOINC SYNERGY is an international team and we welcome all BOINC participants!

Step by Step: Setting up and running BOINC projects!

The Optimized Client & Application Information Center!

Cool & fun Flash-based video arcade games!

One of the many parties at BOINC SYNERGY!

Plus get a fabulous selection of team signature images for individual & combined projects!

You can count on BOINC SYNERGY to be there when Scientific Progress goes "BOINC"

Click the sig to join!


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RE: BS That's enough.

Message 23159 in response to message 23158


That's enough. We all know what it stands for. Too bad it doesn't start with an M.

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Hello fellow crunchers! Join

Hello fellow crunchers!

Join the #1 BOINC team, with Chat, Forum, Performance-Statistik and more...

Hallo Mitcruncher!

Kommt ins Team #1 bei BOINC, mit Chat, Forum, Performance-Statistik und mehr...

Hier klicken zum Beitritt

Grüße vom Sänger

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