Task Manager reads GPU Usage as 0

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Hey  there,

So I'm currently running O3AS1 (Previously was running O3ASE) and something I've noticed is that my gpu is (according to task manager) hardly used at all? "einstein_O3AS_1.00_windows_x86_64__GW-opencl-nvidia.exe" is running in task manager but it utilizes more cpu then it does gpu, which for cpu is overall about 20-30% and for gpu only about 2-5%. My pc does seem to be working and heat up but task manager still displays this low overall usage. The tasks are being completed in a timely manner and quickly despite this?

After going deeply into it, if you specifically switch task manager to look only at CUDA usage, it starts to show 99-100% but this for some reason does not affect the overall gpu usage? Can anyone pls explain this?




Additional: I run only Nvidia Gpu tasks and not cpu.


PC Specs

Windows 10, ver2004

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz

24 Gigs of DDR3

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB



Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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Task Manager defaults to

Task Manager defaults to showing 3D video usage on gpus.  But crunching BOINC on gpus uses none of the 3D video engines on gpus.  Hence the 0% usage showing.

You switch to viewing CUDA usage is the correct way to use Task Manager for gpu crunching monitoring.

Nothing is wrong.


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Most of us don't rely on

Most of us don't rely on Windows Task Manager for GPU monitoring.  I think two of the favorite applications used for that purpose by Windows people posting here are:



Neither one is flawless, but either one can likely give you quite a bit of information on how your GPU is running.

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