task 5478423 runs 44,616.55 CPU time only to be aborted

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This task 5478423 ran 44616.55 CPU time, zero progress, only to be aborted and no information. I would like to know why this wu failed.

Workunit 127061102
Created 7 Jul 2012 21:32:48 UTC
Sent 8 Jul 2012 2:39:30 UTC
Received 12 Jul 2012 0:43:58 UTC
Server state Over
Outcome Client error
Client state Aborted by user
Exit status -197 (0xffffffffffffff3b)
Computer ID 5478423
Report deadline 22 Jul 2012 2:39:30 UTC
Run time 44,640.41
CPU time 44,616.55
Validate state Invalid
Claimed credit 411.18
Granted credit 0.00
application version Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo) v1.25 (BRP4cuda32nv301)

Stderr output

aborted by user


Bikeman (Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein)
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task 5478423 runs 44,616.55 CPU time only to be aborted


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the message you quotes is all that was being sent back to the server, so we have no additional information for the diagnosis.

The same data was analyzed by an other volunteer's PC that happens to be very similar to your environment:

so I suspect this is hopefully just a fluke and not something fundamentally wrong with either the input data or the app itself. Let us know if this happens more frequently.


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