SoG Application and agressive settings for my computer

Nils Bruttin
Nils Bruttin
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Hi there,

For Seti@home, I have a file named mb_cmdline-8.22_windows_intel__opencl_nvidia_SoG.txt with the most aggressive settings possible with the present SoG application.

Is a such file also working with Einstein ? What will be the values to put in it in orther to get the most crunch from my computer with 3950X and 2080 Super SLI ?

Many thanks


Richard Haselgrove
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SoG is only for Seti. It has

SoG is only for Seti. It has nothing to do with Einstein work. 

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There is the wisdom file you

There is the wisdom file you can create for FGRP tasks to run faster. Search the forum for 'wisdom' and you will find instructions. The file created will contain tuning parameters for FGRP tasks.

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