So any news on why both O2MD1 and BRP4 work generators have been disabled?

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Cherokee150 wrote: Is it

Cherokee150 wrote:

Is it possible that they have stopped generating Gravitational Wave work because their paper on it was accepted?  Is there someone in the community who interacts with them regularly, like there was in SETI?  Perhaps they could contact them and let us know.


They've been publishing papers with null results and starting new GW runs on E@H (new data, different search parameters, or different search algorithms) for over a decade and a half.   There've been hiatuses between the runs before (the BRP and FGRP projects started out as much as gap fillers as anything else); what is odd this time around is that neither Bruce nor Bernd have said anything about what the delay is being caused by or how long it's expected to last.  At a high level, I assume they're all SNAFU due to being forced to work from home and that the forums here are just too low a priority to even merit 5 minutes of someones time.

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Hallo Danneely and

Hallo Danneely and Cheeroke150 and others!

Cheeroke150 : "Is there someone in the community who interacts with them regularly"

This ist here somewhat differently organized than in SETI. Place your question in this regard here. Other scientific questions you can place in the Science Board.


Danneely : "xxx been publishing papers with null results xxx"

I´m sure, a paper with null results wouldn´t be accepted for publication. To report an intermediate status, showing the reached level of sensitivity and telling, that at this level nothing is found, is also a valuable result, as it it gives an upper level for the effect searched for.

For example: in the last paper they give an upperlevel <10-6 - corresponding to <1cm in 10Km -  for the ellipticity of the neutronstar in a distance of 3.4 Kpsc - 11.000 Ly (!) -, the statitical p-value is just a factor of 7.6 above the neccessary level of 10-5 for an scientifcally accepted discovery - so we´re  verry close to a discovery - and the sensitivity of the search is an amazing factor of ≈10.000 above the sensitivity in Sept. 2014 for the first detection of the BH-merger.

I think, this is worse to be reported!

Kind regards and happy crunching




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