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does the bam manager over ride the local settings?

so if I change a profile local like a host out of 5 bam..

does that host retrain the changes..

the reason I ask is I have one host doing work units

that needs to be offline at 11 pm to 1 am.. to do backups..

does the bam profile change that when it sync with bam vs updates with the project? when I have the global profile in bam using all times for work unit processing.

thanks for the input.

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Local parameters allways override any parameter set on the web preferences.

And I think that BAM (as any other account manager) deals with the web settings, so the local parameters should not be overriden.
But if by any chance the local parameters were overriden you can take advantage of the venues (home, work, school). Just set the host that needs a different setting in a different venue than the others and adjust the settings for that venue to the restrictions you need for it.

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