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In "News" there was reference to a video on youtube that discussed "Searching for Continuous Gravity Waves". I watched it and liked it and sent it to a number of people that know I participate in E@H with a number of computers.  A sharp eyed recipient noticed that the word "f**ked" appeared in a cartoon in the background of one of the speakers. This appeared at 3:18  & elsewhere. Look for yellow hard hat cartoon. I guess one of the recipients wanted to see what scientists thought was worthy of the pinning.

The pity is I now believe that some of the recipients now have a reduced opinion of our activity because of the use of a vulgarism. I request that a bit more care be used in the future. Please have a pre-screened background or edit out (smudge) the questionable background in the video if already shot. Perhaps even this video could be edited.





Joe B

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Hi JoeB,  good to see another

Hi JoeB,  good to see another 'early adopter' still hanging around here! :-)

I viewed the video but didn't notice the item in question.  I tend to concentrate on the 'talking heads' to see how much 'passion' they have for the topic they're presenting.

I don't think there'll be too much "reduced opinion".  Most know and accept that people decorate their workplaces with all sorts of stuff these days and most would not likely take offense.  Seeing the 'real' workplace environment seems to lend an air of authenticity to how committed these scientists and technicians are to what they are doing.

Also, there's no such thing as 'bad publicity' when it relates to matters of scientific endeavour.  You've probably just encouraged a fresh bunch of people to go watch the video who probably wouldn't have otherwise :-).

It will be interesting to see if any of the staff notice your message and respond in some way.


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