S40.03 Observations

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M. Schmitt
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RE: Thanks for the heads

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Thanks for the heads up! I will keep a sharper eye on the results, and if they start to not validate I will switch back to D40 (which worked very well).

You can also switch back to S40, that's almost as fast(~0.9% diff.) as S40.03, but faster than D40.


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Today I tried the S40.03, it

Today I tried the S40.03, it worked fine. Here are the last 3 WU CPU-Times
Before that I used S39L, but I can find no big difference, between them.
Mayby S40.03 is 100 ~ 200 seconds faster
I used a Pentium 2,6GHz

Or is the S40.03 still for Athlon CPU´s ?

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Akos Fekete
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RE: Once you might get WUs

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Once you might get WUs of a different frequency and then the scheduler will throw away your results.
My X2 did't have a problem so far, but they may come and the XP also crunched very well, until z1_1373.5 showed up.

Let's see what akos is gonna answer.

Albert uses a very low precision sin/cos look-up table. The rounding at its address generation enlarges the deviations.


before "low precision" operation:
deviation: 0,00000048%

after "low precision" operation:
deviation: 3,58% (cca. 7500000 more times bigger difference)

I will modify this part if I will found some free hours.

edit: This rounding problem appears infrequently, but if it appears that means a big problem... (zero credit)

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Robbie McMichael
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S40.03 works brilliantly for

S40.03 works brilliantly for me. S39L for some reason was about 3 times slower than C40 on my machine, so I was running C40 for a while. S40.03 seems to take about two thirds of the time for a WU when compared to C40, so thanks for the optimized app Akosf :)

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RE: RE: S40.04 - SSE

S40.04 - SSE optimised windows executable

Comment: bugfixed version of S40.03 (zero credit problem)


Thank you! (A much better answer than the one Bruce gave me.)


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