Runtime - Gamma-ray pulsar search #5

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All of this application's WUs give 693 credit, but some require 3 times as much effort as others.
Maybe this application should have been split in two in order to avoid disappointment ?

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Post this concern to the

Post this concern to the Wishlist forum.


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I have a box which is doing

I have a box which is doing nothing but Gamma-Ray #5. What you are seeing is pretty typical for this task, however, if you run them long enough, the RAC will tend to flatten out. On the 23rd of July, I had quite a few of the longer (10-12 hours for my box), but this week seems to be the shorter (2-3 hour) version of the task. There is variation in the GPU tasks as well. It's kind of like the stock market. *grin* It doesn't matter if you're in it for the long haul.

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JohnMD wrote:... Maybe this

JohnMD wrote:
... Maybe this application should have been split in two in order to avoid disappointment ?

Disappointment??  Maybe you should be celebrating rather than being disappointed!

Many years ago, when the gamma-ray pulsar CPU search first started, the credit award that matched prior CPU searches was set at 693 credits.  Now here's the kicker.  For a long time, the crunch time in those days was fairly similar to what we see now for the 'longest runtime' variety of today's tasks.  I can say that because I have access to a machine that crunched those tasks then and is still crunching today, so I have a direct comparison.

Since you are getting 693 credits for today's short running tasks, you should really be celebrating!  You are getting quite a credit bonus.  We could take up a petition to have the credit reduced appropriately for the fast tasks.  Maybe I've misunderstood and your disappointment was really all about that unjustified excess credit :-).


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