Run time not counting up

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The last wu I ran finished and validated OK but when I was running it I noticed that 'Run Time' value had stopped at 27mins even though the wu was still running.
This may be happening as I manually set the Affinity for each project I'm running. This speeds things up a bit on this acer laptop and keeps the system a little more stable.
I,m assuming that the results are OK as the wu's seem to be validating, and just thought I post this info to see if anybody knows why this is happening, and if I should keep setting CPU affinity for each project or just let BOINC sort it out itself ??

Richard Haselgrove
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Run time not counting up

BOINC wouldn't set the affinity - that would be the job of the computer's operating system. BOINC handles scheduling, and unless you've made manual configurations, won't "overcommit" your CPU - BOINC will assume that every science application will use one CPU core to the full, and won't start more processes than the number of cores available. But a modern multitasking operating system will probably have over 100 processes in memory at any one time (most of them idle most of the time), and BOINC doesn't even attempt to schedule its activities around them. Again, that would be an OS function.

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