RTX 3090

David Comeau
David Comeau
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I couldn't find a thread on this, so hey.

I've set up E@H to run GPU only and I've got an MSI Ventus 3090 OC, currently crunching 2 WU's at a time.

Just curious if anyone has any results from running more than that, or if it's possible/recommended.


Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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It looks like you are running

It looks like you are running every app that Einstein offers.  The 3090 has plenty of RAM so the high memory demand GW tasks should be no issue at 2X or 3X concurrency.

I would check what your gpu utilization is at 2X and 3X and see if it is hitting close to 90% or better.  Not much point in pushing that further in my opinion.  If it is much lower in the 70% range I would add another concurrent task and check your compute times divided by your concurrency to see if that is a benefit or not.


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