Resetting the project

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Due to an error that must have occurred 5 days ago, (the reason of which I cannot trace back) BOINC manager on my machine is scheduling more than a hundred gamma-ray pulsar searches, but only 21 LATeah2xxx.dat files are listed in the BOINC manager's folder "projects\". The only message in the log file that I suppuse to match the event is as follows:

19-MAR-2012 15:38:11 [Einstein@Home] Task LATeah2225A_96.0_3000_-4.4e-11_2 exited with zero status but no 'finished' file
19-MAR-2012 15:38:11 [Einstein@Home] If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.

In fact it repeated three times, which suggests to reset the client. What will be the consequences if i do so? I suppose the client to loose every work unit it was sent already. Does my machine have to expect further consequences or even disadvantages? Will it be regarded as less reliable?

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Resetting the project

Don't reset the project due to this message! It's total rubbish.


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