remove "report_on_rpc/" XML tag from sched_reply

Eugene Stemple
Eugene Stemple
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On a Linux-x86_64 system, kernel 4.12.12, boinc 7.6.33.  The sched_reply_einstein...  file sometimes has LOTS of <report_on_rpc/> tags that are unknown to the 7.6.33 boinc xml parser and result in an entry in the event log (if the "unparsed_xml" option is selected in the event diagnostic log flags) "[unparsed_xml] FILE_INFO::parse(): unrecognized: report_on_rpc/" .  It is only a nuisance issue, hence posting in the Wish List forum instead of the Problems/Bugs forum.

Apparently this has been around for many years...

David  24 Apr 2011
    - client: simplify the semantics of sticky files:
        - All sticky files are reported on each scheduler RPC
        - If a scheduler reply says to delete a file, clear its sticky flag
        In particular:
        - remove the "send file list" tag in scheduler RPC replies
        - remove FILE_INFO::marked_for_delete
        - remove FILE_INFO::report_on_rpc
    - remove the request_file_list program

I am told that this may be a relic of old E@H server code that is being kept intact for compatibility with equally old clients.  Even though it is (probably) harmless, I just WISH that E@H servers didn't send .xml tags that are not part of the current boinc client.

/Gene/  spending more time on E@H while Seti is recovering...


Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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The problem is that old

The problem is that old clients (pre-7) that we still have a couple of absolutely need this to report the "sticky" files they have, which our "locality scheduling" relies on.


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